Friday, 26 November 2010

First Lamb Delivery

Food4Macc Direct
The first 10 members took delivery of 8 half lamb boxes at 6pm on Thursday 25th November at the Waters Green Tavern.

The Waters Green Tavern was chosen because of its central location, easily accessible for the train and bus stations and with nearby parking. This is much better than people driving out to the farm every month and will make it more accessible for everyone.

Brian McDermott, landlord at the Waters Green Tavern is happy to have the pub used as a “food hub”, as it brings new customers to the pub at a relatively quiet time. In fact, Brian has also joined the Lamb Buying Group himself.

Food4Macc Direct would like to expand the lamb buying group in time for the next delivery in January, but is already planning further products, including other meat, poultry, vegetables, fish and artisan bread.

If you would like to find out more about Food4Macc Direct or join one of the buying groups, send an e-mail to or call Tim on 01260 253987.

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